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Special AstrooVaastu Video Course Content

  1. Understanding Astrology
  2. Attributes of 12 houses
  3. Attributes of 12 Rashi’s
  4. Attributes of 9 planets
  5. Description of 12 houses in astrology
  6. Signification of 12 Rashi’s
  7. 12 Rashi’s Attributes-
  8. Modern Vaastu
  9. 16 Zones and their Attributes
  10. 32 Entrance’s and their Attributes
  11. What is a Zodiac belt?
  12. Northern Style chart- Diamond Chart
  13. South Indian Style –Square Grid Chart
  14. Western Aspects
  15. Case Studies

This Course has been designed keeping in mind the student, as the “step by step approach” enables to almost all the participants to easily understand the course.

Also, there are home work’s given.

Video Recording Course/Zoom Live Course
Contact Us on Whatsapp/Call +91 91529 37135 for Registration

Once Your Course is Complete for Question & Answer two Ways to Communicate
i) Through Whatsapp or
ii) Live Zoom Meeting with 8-10 participants will be arranged.

Certificate on Completion

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  • Special AstrooVaastu English Session 1
  • Special AstrooVaastu English Session 2
  • Special AstrooVaastu English Session 3

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