Professional Mobile Numerology Batch 23

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Module 1- What are 1 to 9 number

Module 2- How to work out pairs from Mobile Number

Module 3- Money

      1] Money Gain or Money Loss

      2] Loan Liability

      Finance Issue

      Stuck Money

      Can’t ask self Money

      Less Money-    

      High Money, Income

Module 4- Relationship & Marriage

      Married life issue- 

      2 marriage

      love marriage

      Extra Relationship

      Inter caste marriage

Module 5- Management

      Good Management skills

      Good Planner

Module 6- Different Health Situation’s

      Spouse Health issue- 16

      Joint Pain


Module 7- Travelling

Module 8- Personality

      Good Speaker, Good Writer

      Attractive Personality

      Success away from family

      No Family Happiness

      Success away from Father

      Court / Hospital

Module 9- Studies & Carrier

      Barrier in studies


Module 10- Real Estate

      Real estate yoga


Module 11- Government Related

      Issue related to Govt

      Module 12-Healing

      Healing abilities


Module 13- What do I do now?

      Repeat Numbers combo in Name, Birth date & Mobile

      Enhances if Positive

      Negativity increases if Negative

Module 14- Remedial-

      Auspicious mobile number Combo

       which combos to take?

Module 15- where is the Pain- in WHO, RJB

      Wealth-Health-Opportunities- WHO

      Relationship, Job, Business-    RJB


Module 16- Forecasting from Total of Mobile number

Module 17- Forecasting Multiple Repetitive Digits

      Special Bonus Session for first 33 Students

      Bonus 1- What does my last Digit in Mobile Number say?

      Bonus 2-Where do I charge my Mobile

      Bonus 3- Color of Cover

      Bonus 4- which wall paper do I use

      Bonus 5- which lock Pattern is good

      Bonus 6-which Compound Number is good for Mobile Numbers

      Bonus 7- Which company , Which Module ? compare with birth date

      This Course has been designed keeping in mind the student, as the “step by step approach” enables to almost all the participants to easily understand the course.

      Also, there are home work’s given.

      Video Recording Course / Zoom Live Course
Contact Us on Whatsapp/Call +91 9136 57 2942 for Registration

      Once Your Course is Complete for Question & Answer two Ways to Communicate
i) Through Whatsapp or
ii) Live Zoom Meeting with 8-10 participants will be arranged.


      Certificate on Completion


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Professional Mobile Numerology Batch 23

  • Professional Mobile Numerology Batch 23 – Session 1
  • Professional Mobile Numerology Batch 23 – Session 2
  • Professional Mobile Numerology Batch 23 – Session 3
  • Professional Mobile Numerology Batch 23 – Session 4
  • Professional Mobile Numerology Batch 23 – Session 5
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