Professional K.P. Astrology Hindi B1

  • Course level: Intermediate


 Entire Topic of K.P.Astrology is explained in detailed by our simple approach of teaching through our special “Step by Step “ system,  more than 550 slides to explain the subject of K.P. Astrology .

Very important course, where we will cover,

  1. Basic Astrology
    1. 9 planets attributes
    2. 12 houses attributes
    3. 12 Rashi’s attributes.
  2. Basic Vedic Astrology
    1. Exaltation, Debilitation
    2. Aspects- Vedic and Western Aspects in detail.
  3. What is K.P Astrology-  few difference between Vedic – Traditional Astrology and K.P Astrology.
  4. How to Create Chart using Software.
  5. Understanding Zodiac System .
  6. How Division is done of Zodiac in Rashi’s, Nakshatra, and Further Division of Nakshatra in to Sub called Sub Division.
  7. In KP Astrology- Fundamental of K.P Astrology- what is Rashi Chart and Cusp Chart.
  8. What is Northern and South Indian Style of charts.
  9. Planets-Cusp degreecal position in zodiac- Table of 1 to 249-
    1. How to see ephemeris,
    2. How to convert  planets degrees
    3. How to prepare chart from Ephemeris- Practice session.
  10. Sub Lord Theory.
  11. How to find Significators of Planets and Cusp.
  12. How to write a script of K P Astrology.
  13. From Significators we will know which Events can likely happen.
  14. How to see Promise of an Event in Chart.
  15. Different Role played by Rahu-Ketu.
  16. How to find Ruling Planets and its use.- A very Important tool of K P Astrology- useful for Natal chart, Horary chart, Birth Time Rectification and for short cut answer’s.
  17. Dasha system-Vimshotri Dasha
  18. Grouping of houses,
    1. In detail study of –House Matters
      1. 1st Self , personal matters,
      2. 2nd House- is all about Family, Money
      3. 3rd house is Online,Siblings
      4. 4th house matters, Property, Education
      5. 5th house matters- love, healing, Child Birth
      6. 6th Divorce, Loans, Job, Disease , Litigation
      7. 7th house matters- Marriage, Business
      8. 8th house matters- Occult, Problems,
      9. 9th House matters- Higher Education,
      10. 10th house matters- Profession, Status
      11. 11th house matters- Gains, Friends
      12. 12th house matters- Investment, Foreign Travel.
  19. Events of life-
        1. Education, Marriage, Job, Business- etc Life Events.
        2. When will any event happen.
  20. How to find -Timing of any event-
  21. Understanding a chart as a whole Holistically.
  22. Reverse Engineering Method of understanding Events- a unique system developed by Paresh Goshar.,
  23. Case studies.
  24. Transit system.
  25.  K P Horary – Prashna Kundli-
    • Very important method-for day to today questions and answer’s.
  26. BTR- Birth Time Rectification-
  27. Short Cut method

Topics for this course

13 Lessons


Pro K.P Astrology Session 1 Hindi B11:22:19
Pro K.P Astrology Session 2 Hindi B100:00:00
Pro K.P Astrology Session 3 Hindi B11:57:41
Pro K.P Astrology Session 4 Hindi B100:00:00
Pro K.P Astrology Session 5 Hindi B100:00:00
Pro K.P Astrology Session 6 Hindi B100:00:00
Pro K.P Astrology Session 7 Hindi B100:00:00
Pro K.P Astrology Session 8 Hindi B100:00:00
Pro K.P Astrology Session 9 Hindi B100:00:00
Pro K.P Astrology Session 10 & 11 Hindi B100:00:00
Pro K.P Astrology Session 12 Hindi B100:00:00
Pro K.P Astrology Session 13 & 14 Hindi B100:00:00
Pro K.P. Astrology Session 15 Hindi B100:00:00

Material Includes

  • Video Recording Course
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Lifetime Video Access