Flagship AstrooVaastu English

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  1. Basic KP Astrology.
    1. 12 houses and their Significance.
    2. 12 Rashis and their signification.
    3. 9 Planets and their signification.
    4. How they are arranged in a chart.
    5. Movement of Rashi & Planet’s.
    6. How to understand house with Rashi and Planets in it.
    7. Vedic Aspects and Western Aspects.
  2. Chart reading technique through Northern and Southern Indian style of Horoscope.
  3. Rashi Chart and Cusp Chart-
    1. Which chart is used for what
    2. What is the significance of Rashi and its direction.
  4. Movement of Planet in Chalit Chart.
  5. Hit Theory (Western Astrology).
  6. Astro and Vastu Linkage.
  7. Understanding of Rahu and Ketu.
  8. Activation of Rashi’s in House
  9. Activation of Rashi – by being in that Environment.
  10. Activation of Houses.
  11. Remedial AstrooVaastu.
  12. How to use KP Star One Software
  13. What are the required settings in KP Starone.
  14. Procedure of how to read the chart, what are the important steps to follow.
    1. Compare Rashi Chart + Bhav Chalit chart
    2. And different other charts to finally understand the use of AstrooVaastu of individual person-
    3. Which direction is useful, good for me,
    4. Which Environment is useful for me to be in
    5. Understanding hits and corresponding directions on charts and finding at site.
    6. Which planets are giving negative and positive Aspects / Hit and which to use for my benefit.
    7. Which body part to use for activating different Rashi body part to achieve healing and other results.
    8. Super Imposing 16/ 32 zone template on plan and analysing the house plan and along with individual person’s chart comparing the direction’s
    9. To remove, shift certain planetary items, from certain directions as they may be the root cause of certain issue’s in life.
    10. To add certain articles related to certain planets in particular directions.

It is a detailed course-

This Course has been designed keeping in mind the student, as the “step by step approach” enables to almost all the participants to easily understand the course.

Also, there are home work’s given.

Video Recording Course/Zoom Live Course
Contact Us on Whatsapp/Call +91 98693 52061 for Registration

Once Your Course is Complete for Question & Answer two Ways to Communicate
i) Through Whatsapp or
ii) Live Zoom Meeting with 8-10 participants will be arranged.

Certificate on Completion

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  • Flagship AstrooVaastu English Session 1
  • Flagship AstrooVaastu English Session 2
  • Flagship AstrooVaastu English Session 3
  • Flagship AstrooVaastu English Session 4
  • Flagship AstrooVaastu English Session 5
  • Flagship AstrooVaastu English Session 6
  • Flagship AstrooVaastu English Session 7
  • Flagship AstrooVaastu English Session 8
  • Flagship AstrooVaastu English Session 9
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