ACMOS Lecher Antenna Hindi

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About Course

1] What is ACMOS Lecher Antenna.
2] How to use and hold the Antenna.
3] Significant wavelengths on the Antenna.
4] How to measure an object.
5] How to measure food and Nutritional supplements.
6] How to measure the energy of a room or a space.
7] How to measure yourself and another person.

Description of ACMOS Lecher Antenna

  1. What Is ACMOS Lecher Antenna?
  2. It is an Instrument to Measure the Energy field that emanates from Human body.
  3. It is an instrument to Measure Electromagnetics radiation’s emitting from Electricity, Geopathic Stress, Mobile Tower’s, High tension electric lines.
  4. It is an instrument to measure the Earth’s energy field, it can specify imbalances and analyses the energetical qualities of animal, vegetable, mineral and all objects.
  5. It is an Instrument through which one can measure and check the energy quality of any Vaastu, by checking Cosmic Energy, Global Energy, Telluric Energy.
  6. It is an instrument which can check Entities, that is -UV, -IR, Negative energy, Positive Energy of any Vaastu, any object, crystals.
  7. It is an instrument which can help you select materials for your Vaastu.
  8. It can help answer your questions.

Indian Lecher Antenna can be used for practice purpose,

Original ACMOS Lecher Antenna is used for Professional purposes and is available with us.

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ii) Live Zoom Meeting with 8-10 participants will be arranged.

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  • ACMOS Lecher Antenna Training Hindi Session 1
  • ACMOS Lecher Antenna Training Hindi Session 2
  • ACMOS Lecher Antenna Training Hindi Session 3
  • ACMOS Lecher Antenna Training Hindi Session 4
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