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Paresh Goshar
International Trainer
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Vastu Shastri Paresh Goshar, a veteran and renowned Vaastu-shastra consultant hold hands tightly in the area of Geo Bio- Astro Vaastu & Feng Shui. Astro Vaastu is a developed branch of Indian astrology used for dwelling/ architecture in a scientific manner for balancing energies by using horoscope considering the main person of the institute or family in mind.

Its working is quite different as along with the direction of the home it is also based upon the core member of the family and things are changed keeping his horoscope in mind. Based out of Mumbai (India), he has mastered himself in Industrial Vastu,  Feng Shui, Lecher Antenna Training, Ayadi Calculation, Date-Selection, Geopathic Stress detection and harmonising.

His specialization in this area not just ends here as he is also a leading luminary in holistic healing and esoteric sciences. He has traveled to different parts of the world for his detailed study which includes Paris, Switzerland, Malaysia, China, Singapore and more..

His initiation in the divine science of Vaastu started in the year 1996 and under the guidance of various Gurus and Vedic stalwarts of this science he perfected all this art . In addition, to compliment his knowledge of Vastu, he also specializes in Geopathic Stress detection through special energy instruments and harmonising, neutralising through special researched remedy.

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